Building new system - will this do?

I have a few questions about the new pc I wish to build, and I for one, don't completely know if it will work. This will be my new gaming rig, and I want it to be completely compatible and working with no issues.The motherboard I want to use is a Asus p8H67-m pro, with an i5-2400 core (Sandy-Bridge).

With that I want to install two club 3d Radeon 6850 overclocked edition grapic cards in crossfire- is it a good choice?I am a fanatic supporter of Radeon cards.

I know I will need more than 4GB ram, but I'll just kick it off with two times 2GB Corsair DDR3 1333MHz ram, and a cooler master eXtreme Power Supply - 650W. I believe this will be suffiecient, but then again I am inexperienced.

For my cooling I want to install four Coolermaster R4-XFBL-22PR-R1 Xtraflo Red LED with Ruby Red Waved Fins (120mm) each with a top of 93 cfm.I hope this should be able to keep my pc cool- 3 fans for intake, one to blow the air out-once again will this work? I also want to have the V6 CPU cooler.

The rest doesn't matter so much, please remember that this pc will be for games, and I want to know if all the parts are compatible and will funtion together without a glitch-please answer fully an tell me what you think.

I thank you in advance.
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  1. Most people who are ordering H67 boards are looking for a couple things form it. First and foremost they want the ability to use the on-processor graphics. These graphics are fine for low end gaming and home/office work they also have the Intel® QuickSync that can be helpful in digital encoding. But most gamers will find that they need to use a dedicated video card to get good in game graphics. So my advice to you is to take a look at the new Z68 boards that have been released today. They will allow you to get the best performance from the on-processor graphics along with the use of a dedicated video card. If you choice to go with the Z68 board make sure that the board you pick has the Lucidlogix Virtu software on it.
    Also if you can find it in your budget to spend $35 more that will allow you to get the Intel Core™ I5-2500K which is just about the best gaming processor on the market today.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. First, you don't need more than 4GB of memory for gaming. Second, if you do get 8GB off the bat, you want a 2x4GB set that is rated at 1.5v.

    On to the motherboard. You need a P67 chipset for Crossfire. Once you get that sorted out, you want one that will Crossfire at x8/x8, not x16/x4. The Asus P8P67-M Pro will give you x8/x8. You don't need the benefits of Z68, so save your money and stick with P67.

    A single 2GB 6950 would be a better bet to start off with. Add another down the line if you need more graphics horsepower.

    I don't know what to say about your extra fans as you haven't listed a case. Most quality cases come with adequate cooling.
  3. Actually this gigabyte z68 is cheaper than an asus mpro and supports x8/x8. The only problem is you'd need 90 degree sata cables. It's also cheaper than the msi p67 g43 which runs into the same sata issue.

    But I would go with an atx mobo so 2 cards don't block the other pcie slots or possibly get in the way of the usb on bottom. (or have the sata issue)

    Fill this out so we can help you more.
  4. ^ Good catch
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