How to fix Runtime error! program c:\\Program Files (x86)\\Internet Explore\\iex

I am NOT sure what has happened, I have been having a HARD TIME "trying" to get directv2pc to run on my computer...IT is BRAND NEW I have only had it a week!!!!!! I searched through Toshiba sites and found where to download some drivers that was "suppose" to FIX it!!!! Then when I went in to ck for updates on all of my drivers/programs/etc...there were two sets that had multi-sets, I think were some of the downloads...There were a few drivers that were NOT even downloaded onto the computer...which I did NOT know till I did the total computer update one by one!!!! I have had several computers but NEVER had as MANY problems with one until I purchased this JUNK! (Sorry, I have had it with this Laptop, LOL) Can you tell me HOW I can fix this last error, that I HOPE is the ONLY one left?????? "PLEASE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything seems to be working till I "try" to go into my E-Mail...I get in AT&T fine on the home page, but when I "TRY" to go to my mail...I get a message that says: Requested Runtime to Terminate in an unusual way..... "PLEASE, HELP", "IF" You can!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!
Love in Christ!!
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  1. I can see where I got an e-mail from you however, I can NOT get to it to open it!!!! The error KEEPS coming up, can you tell me from here? Please? Thank you!
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