Which Graphics card would suit my PC the best?

My specs:
Intel Core 2 duo E6570 @ 2.66GHz
Gigabyte S series GA-P35-D33L
2GB of Ram
GeForce 9600 GT 512MB
430 W

Im looking for a decent card that can play the latest games with good graphics but i don't know which one to buy :\ Thanks for the help :D
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  1. What is exactly your PSU? brand? model?
    Monitor resolution?
  2. 430W Thermal Itake XP550 NP
    150-250 ( Might go over. Depends if the card is worth the money)
  3. with that cpu you are not really going to get any benefit from anything more than a gtx460 or amd 6850. either of those cards may be too much for your psu to handle also. If you can get your cpu to 3ghz, that would be a good start. what make/model psu do you have? 2gb ram....upgrade it to 4gb especially if your running windows vista or win7.
  4. Hm.... Which CPU would you recommend? (something between 200-250)
  5. No need to buy a new CPU, you can just bump it (overclock) a little bit to get 3.0GHz.
  6. HD 5770 or a GTS 450 would be fine. If you had a better power supply I'd recommend a HD5830, gtx460, or HD 6850, but nothing past those considering the rest of your specs.
  7. Im a bit weary about over clocking my cpu :S I don't want to break it D: Im thinking of getting some more ram and I cant decide if i should buy...

    Thermaltake EVO Blue 550Watt APFC Gaming PSU for $122
    Antec HCG-620 High Current Gamer Gaming PSU for $109

    I know its cheaper and you get an extra 70W but I'm curious about the quality :S
  8. i have a core 2 duo e6600 and it is VERY easy to overclock. gets from 2.4 - 2.7ghz without increasng voltage and 3ghz with voltage increase and stock cooler.. your 6570 should be able to get to 3ghz without voltage increase to make it stable. just keep an eye on temps.
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