How to play games in 3D

I have a gtx570 and trying to play games like WoW and CoD in 3d but have no idea how to do so.
I have enabled 3d vision and it works with red/cyan glasses. i know because after enabling 3d vision a couple of 3d pics come up.
So how do i play games in 3d?

thanks for reading.
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  1. ok, so i can get most games running in 3d (sc2, CoD) cant get wow to play in 3d tho.
  2. how u play those games in 3d?? mind to teach?
  3. Under nvidia settings there is a setup wizard for 3D. follow instructions to setup. after 3d is enabled you play any games and they startup in 3d. all but World of Warcraft are working.
  4. I don't have wow so not sure on that, but most other games simply work in 3d if you have in enabled in the nvidia control panel. Bioshock 2 is an exception where you have to enable stereoscopic 3d in the in game menu, the Unigine Heaven benchmark also has a menu option for it and I'm guessing there are other games like that so look through the menu options if it doesn't work by itself. Also they will only work in fullscreen mode. Games I play with 3d vision that I know work well are Grid, Dirt 2, Crysis, Crysis warhead, Bioshock 2, LOTRO, Hawx 2, TF2, Tribes Vengence and Transformers war for cybertron. Of those Bioshock is the only one that doesn't work immediately if 3d vision is enabled.
  5. Well, I can tell you that WoW does support 3D Vision, so there must be some way to get it working.
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