What's the best video card for 3D Modeling and rendering? open budget

Hello every one in this great community...

As long as I'm going to build a new PC specially for 3D modeling tasks, I thought it's better to make a separate thread focused on video cards as long as the video card is my core for this project. You're probably going to ask me about my budget for this card, and my answer for that is it probably doesn't matter for me because I'm seeking for the best.
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  1. The times change faster tan you can blink when it comes to this kind of hardware. it's best to read current reviews of said hardware, easily found by googling. you dont wwant to buy cutting edge, because there may be problems that have not yet been detected, which potentially ruin your experience. so find about one gen old hardware that has high reviews. also, makes ure you have a spu to match the capacity of your gpu, since most animation programs can be pretty long to compile, unless you have a super cpu. have lots of ram available too. the higher end your graphics card, the higher end everything else needs to be as well to prevent bottelnecks.
  2. Generally for 3D modeling and rendering a Nvidia card is going to be a better choice. Many 3D modelling and rendering programs are optimized for Nvidia. Some also use the GPU computing capability of Nvidia cards to accelerate rendering, just depends on the program.

    There are two routes you can go, either you can get a desktop class card like the GTX 580, or get a special workstation class card. The advantage of workstation class cards is that the drivers are better than the desktop card drivers and are specially optimized for 3D modeling and other workstation tasks. Unfortunately workstation graphics cards can be VERY expensive, like over $1000 expensive for some of them.

    If you get a desktop card, (which should be adequate for you), the GTX 580 is the best Nvidia desktop card available. In fact the GTX 580 is currently the most powerful single GPU graphics card available currently.
  3. Steel Eater said:

    As long as I'm going to build a new PC specially for 3D modeling tasks...

    You probably want to take a look at nVidia's Quadro or AMD's FirePro series of video cards. These cards can be expensive though especially on the high end; in excess of $3,000 for the most powerful ones. Entry level versions probably start at around $150. These cards are not for gaming, these cards are solely for 3D modeling / rendering. The high price tag is due to specific customer support, you basically deal with a person if you are having rending issues in graphic applications. If you call customer service and complain about low frame rates in games like Crysis or Metro 2033, they will likely tell you to buy a gaming video card and hang up on you.

    Here's a comparison of the Quadro and FirePro cards from 2009 at Xbitlabs. Unfortunately, the site is currently down.

  4. Thank you guys for your opinions, and special thanks to jaguarskx. That's what I'm looking for a video card that is made specially for 3d Modeling, and I found out that the ATI Firepro v7800 is fitting my interests, it's for 600$.,but I'm wondering if there is another video card which is better than that and around that price.

    Many Thanks...

    I didn't expect there're such cards that consume all my budget :D
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