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Possibly buying a whole new rig with a lot of money throughout the year. I was wanting to know if there are are seamless, frameless borderless displays preferably 3d out there? What i mean by this is that the monitor does not have a border around it, its just all screen at the front. This way if i choose 3d surround i just know it would bug me if i get a few monitors setup with dividing frames down the game.

A few companies try to market their stuff as 'seemless' when it isnt (just a glass panel the screen is made of covering the whole front but still borders. Much appreciated.
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  1. I really doubt that such a display exists, although a projector would do the same thing. I recall hearing a story from back around the time that eyefinity was launched that Samsung was working on a series of monitors with significantly narrower bezels compared to standard monitors. I haven't heard much about these narrow bezel monitors since, but that may be worth checking out.

    From what I've heard many people who use multi-monitor setups don't have many complaints with the bezels in between the screens, as long as they aren't too large. There are also driver options like bezel correction that can help reduce any jarring effect that the bezels may have.
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