My computer started smelling, and the 2 days after it shuts down.

Okay so last week i started a download and kept it going for 3 days straight without turning off my computer without any problems. Then for one night I kept it off. I woke up and played games on it for maybe a day or two (again turning off the computer every night). Then my brother and sister a day after played on my computer for a very long time and it started smelling bad, like something burnt or maybe just very hot metal, so I suspected it was an PSU issue and that I would get it fixed soon. The next day my brother and sister played on my computer running a game again for 100 minutes about and nothing had happened outside of the fact that it smelled really burnt, and decided I shouldn't use the computer until it gets fixed. Then the next morning (again turning my computer off overnight) my sister comes and asks if she could play a game, as dead tired as I was, I forgot about the issue I had been facing for the past few days. I let her play and after an hour or two the computer shuts down without warning. It did not work to turn it back on, absolutely nothing works when i try to put it on, not the fan in the PSU or the CPU fans, LED lights whatever. Then I did more researching and I wondered if this also could be a Motherboard issue? To be honest I don't know what a motherboard is or where it is located, but when I do try to turn on my computer I see a little light occur on that big chip (don´t know whether this big chip is the cpu or the motherboard or whatever) that everything else is stacked on in the computer (everything else meaning the CPU fan, video card, sound card). And this light only ever shines at the top of the chip, closer to where the PSU is and kind of close to this golden thing that says GIGABYTE on it. If you guys need me to put up pictures or something to see the inside I can put them up. Thanks for any help that you give me!
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  1. The big plate that everything else is sitting on is the motherboard,
    check out for some pictorial help, it does sound like you have/had a psu issue, but it may not just be that,
    once you know how to identify the motherboard and other parts, post the details here for us please and we'll see about troubleshooting your pc
  2. Take it to somebody who can look at it, or if you want, scan the computer for anything that looks black, or burned, if your sense of smell is good, use it to locate anything.
  3. It is almost certainly the PSU. Hopefully other components haven't been damaged. Take it to get serviced. You are lucky it didn't catch fire.
  4. Okay, I am planning on giving it to a friend who usually fixes my computer. Thank you guys so much!
  5. if it smelt that bad and still ran, I am thinking PSU -- you are lucky it didn't catch on fire, any time you have an issue that causes a computer to smell, smoke or spark, you should not use it till you fix it.

    if it was your MB, it probably would have stopped working almost right away.

    you can double check if it is your MB by physically looking at the capacitors, they look like cylinders and there will be quite a few of them throughout your motherboard, if the sides look bulged or the normal flat tops look like they have expanded, time to change the MB (I would replace both the MB & PSU if the MB is showing signs of damage as the PSU may have caused it)
  6. I had this same problem last night...only I didn't let my computer get to that point. But after a few hours of research and a few posts here on this forum, I agree with everyone else, it's probably the power supply. Hopefully your case has room for a standard-sized PSU, at least then it will be easy to find something to replace it with. Depending on your components you may or may not need one that's super powerful, which will definitely save you some cash :). By chance can we get your system specs (if you know them) or a model number (if it was built by a brand such as HP or Dell)? If it is your PSU, everything in your system must be taken in to account so you can get a replacement power supply powerful enough to run your computer...
    Hope this helped :)
  7. PRobably the power supply burning out. Problem is, when it went, it may have taken other components down with it.
  8. ^^that is why i recommend checking over the MB,, however i have 80% feeling it is just the PSU on this one,, normally I'd say 99% chance JUST psu,,, however the extra use of it for several days lowered that chance significantly,, the other parts are not quite as easily exploded from power variations as the CPU & RAM are somewhat protected by the MB, and the HDD is on a different voltage line.
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