My 8800GTS & MSI 560GTX Comparison

I posted this in my previous thread titled "460 or 480" (Instead i bought the 560GTX thanks to everyone that helped ;p) i thought id post a new thread for people to discuss or find the post easier. Anyway just installed my "MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti TWIN FROZR II 1GB NVIDIA Graphics Card"

Here is a little comparison all run at stock speeds with the same settings and resolution 1680x1050 (Medium/High meaning some settings on Medium and some on High)

Drivers: 266.66 (Latest as of this post)

Testing FPS with fraps.

Starcraft 2 max settings (Might differ a lot on other maps)

8800GTS640mb: 30-40fps
MSI 560GTX: about 80fps average

Crysis 2 demo hardcore setting (max) Map:skyline

8800GTS640mb: about 30fps average
MSI 560GTX: About 70fps average

Left 4 Dead 2 Medium/high settings: Level: Dead center street

8800GTS640mb: I cant really remember but i think it was something between 70-100fps
MSI 560GTX: About 180fps+ average.

Settlers 7 Medium/low settings: Map Badland Ridge

8800GTS640mb: 30-40fps
MSI 560GTX 50-60 fps (Tried it on the highest settings as well and it was around 50fps average)

I was surprised it was the same size as my 8800GTS so i didnt have to move any hard drives around to fit it in my case ;p

I had a problem when i first started Starcraft 2, it said it couldnt determine the recommended settings for my graphics card. Also launching Left 4 Dead 2 steam said "Your video card does not appear in our database" i pressed continue and it works anyway so ill ignore it.

Spec tested on:

i5 760 oced to 3.8ghz
Asus p7h55-m
6gb 1440mhz (Underclocked 1600mhz) corsair xms3 ram
8800GTS640mb/MSI 560GTX
750w corsair psu

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  1. The most probable reason that it's not in the databse on Steam is that when the game was released the GTX560 wasn't made and they've not updated their "database" yet.
  2. if comparison 2 grafic card look is the same directx 9,10 or 11....because the result they will not be the same in quality....1 the old card (dx9) in directx 11 it will only give you fps and not current technologies that have the new games and the cards that him incorporate.... consequently they are not compared
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