How to check if harddisk formatted completely

I've bought a new HDD 1TB Seagate, I went and did full format but I did sleep on the process. How can I check if its formatted completely? Because when i woke up the drive is there already in disk management and says Healthy and the volume name I named is already there but for some reason my computer was shut down, so I was not able to check if it was completed.
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  1. Windows typically won't go to sleep in the middle of the format, so it should have gone to sleep after the format command completed.

    However, if you're worried about it, just format again. :)
    If you're only a little bit worried about it, do a quick format this second time around. It'll go quicker, and will make sure the partitions are setup correctly.
  2. Go into disk management to check the drive stats. Not only for the new drive but ALL drives in the PC.

    Here you can also partition the HD if desired, or rename it, or assign a different letter.


    You can believe what it states in disc management
  3. If disk management says its Healthy then the format is complete and the drive is up and running. As psaus pointed out Windows wont go to sleep if format is running.
    If you can see drive and access it frim Computer, then all is well.
    If you can't access the drive then somethiing went wrong.
  4. ^ +1 better stated than I
  5. ok because i did not see 100% format complete but according to my brother he did not see any windows open so he shut down the pc, i might be that the computer management window closed after formatting. but as you say it says healthy now so i wouldn't stress my self over it too much.
  6. Why worry about it? Re-format the thing and tell your brother to keep his hands off.
  7. Formatting is either a Fail or Pass, during the process it may have found bad blocks and omitted their access via MBR or GPT.

    Look at the Event Manager (CHKDSK) to review the log -

    IF the formatting failed or was halted then the 'volume' would not appear and it sure wouldn't be listed as a Healthy volume.
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