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i have a tower pc one hd inside Loc c i have a 2ed hard drive extranel usb port . used to work on Loc K i unpluged everything to dust it . when i hooked it all back up now my usb hd reads loc L . how do i get it back to Loc K it dont matter what usb port i try it all comes up Loc L . ??? o btw runing win xp
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  1. Plug it in, right click My Computer, click Manage, Click Disk mamgement, right click USB drive Labeled K, Click chane drive letter, Change to L (If L is in use by another drive, check what drive it is, if it is not a program storage location, then change that drives letter first to free up the L letter)
  2. just tryed that i get a logical disk manager window saying the dependancy service does not exist or has been marked for deletion
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