I need to open ports in my network, but I do not have a router?

I constantly have problems with games, downloads, and everything else under the sun. From what I can tell my problems are because I need to open ports. Now the problem with this is that I do not have a router.

I have AT&T DSL internet and my connection does run through a network switch, but making the connection direct rather than through the switch does not help the issue.

Is there some other way I can open the ports I need or is there something I'm missing that can cause these types of issues? I have heard something about the ISP can be blocking all but a couple of ports which can cause problems but I rightly have no idea what to do there.

Any ideas?

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  1. The network switch /DSL modem aka cable modem (sometimes called that even if it's DSL) is a router. If you run a command prompt on your PC, type "ipconfig" then the "default gateway" is the address of your router.

    Opening ports is usually an issue for inbound connections - someone trying to get data from your PC to theirs, or sometimes things like games if you are hosting a multiplayer session. For downloads or other issues, that probably isn't the problem.

    ISPs might block a few outbound ports, but that would probably not cause a huge range of problems.
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