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My multi monitor screens freezes during high volume trading period, sometimes for 3-5 min or until the volume drops.

My current systems:
Q9650 OC @ 3.92GHz
Windows Professional X64
2 x Matrox Video Cards: M9140 PCIe x16
8xLCDs 24"

Because the screens freezes during the crital heavy trading periods, I have tried to set the Bit Color resolution from 32 bits down to 16 bits and now I even reduced the number of LCDs by reconfigured it down to 4 from 8 in hoping that it wont freezes but the problem still there at times. I use 3 ticks chart per screen and even limited the multi formula calculations on the ticks down to about 200 bars rather than the default number of bars which I believe are many more.

I am thinking of upgrading the Matrox video on the next higher model M9148 with 1GB of RAM but wondering if this would solve the problem or yield any significant result. Any suggestions or input is greatly appreciated.

By the way, looking at the Windows Task Manager, the CPU Usage Performance fluctuates between 20-30% and RAM Usage is less than 2.5 GB during heavy trading period so the screen freezing problem seems to related to the video cards rather than the CPU & RAM.

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