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I recently built my gaming pc i am using an intel i5 quad core processor and i looked at the temperature on bios setup and it is at 90 c and i am not overclocking at all i am using the retail fan as i do not require overclocking but this seems outrageous i did not use a thermal compound is that the problem? please help


this is my cpu
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  1. it says my motherboard temp is 32c if that is of any relivence
  2. That high a temp means the heat sink isn't installed properly. Intel retail CPUs do come with thermal compound already applied to the bottom of the heat sink.
  3. Ok so I found the problem it was the retarded lack of clear instructions it took me around 20mins to remove then fan and I have found that the thermal compound has melted so to speak as it is patchy and there is little left should I order some more compound add it and reinstall the fan ? Luckily it seems the only damage to the CPU is su thermal compound melted onto it please please what should I so and how should I remove the melted compound on the CPU and heatsink
  4. I'm so worried that the CPU might be damaged as i may possibly have had it running like this for a while but there is not visible damage to the CPU at all
  5. As a rule with today’s processors they will shut down before they get to hot. So odds are you didn’t damage the processor unless you took a blow touch to it.

    To clean off old thermal paste I have used a couple coffee filters and some rubbing alcohol. Don’t touch the contact points on the bottom of the processor and stay away from the socket.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  6. Thank you very much I hope so much everything will be fine
  7. Any advice on applying the thermal paste as I have spent the past hour ensuring how to fit the fan properly to avoid his issue again but I am unsure as to the application and amount of paste required and if u know what temp should the CPU e at so I can see if I have fixed the issue ty 4 ur help
  8. Ok here is what you need. An old plastic card and the thermal paste are items that you will need. I put a drop on about the size of half of a pea and then use the card to spread the paste around till it evenly covers an area about the size and thickness of a dime in the center of a processors cover.

    If you have any question about making sure that the heatsink is seated correctly remove the motherboard from the case and mount the HSF (heatsink/fan) on the board outside of the case and then remount the board into the case.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  9. Shouldn't there be a little more than a dime size dot? I was under the impression that it should be about the size of the heat sink's area where it contacts the processor? Sorry, I didn't see how old the op was...
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