New ATI drivers won't work with my HD3200 laptop video?

Tried downloading the newest drivers from ATI for my HP 6735S with the HD 3200 video but I got a BSOD.

Downloaded the drivers from HP and they work fine but they are from 2009!

I checked omegadrivers but he has no downloads for Windows7 for some reason :(

So am I stuck with the old drivers?

I'm running 7 64bit btw.
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  1. It is recommended to use the drivers from the laptop manufacturer. Are you experiencing any issues? Driver updates are usually for newer hardware (compatibility and tweaking) and become redundant for older hardware.
  2. I'm not experiencing any issues, no, but I know with drivers that old they MUST have some bug fixes and performance upgrades in the new ones!
  3. The newer drivers have bug fixes and performance upgrades for newer hardware. HD3200 was introduced 3 years ago. After a year of upgrades from release the drivers have pretty much been optimized with bug fixes and performance tweaks for a product.
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