CPU upgrade or monitor upgrade ..

im stuck in yet another dilemma, CPU or Monitor..

e5300 DC oc'd " 4ghz stable
hd 4870
4gb cheap ram
and the worst 19inch tv you could think of for a monitor.. native res 1400x900, any higher and the refresh rate as terrible.

i was testing out GTA IV and it was playable, but not great which is what i expected, only achieve 15-25FPS on medium textures and detail and 1400x900 so 1080p won't be any better obviously!

i can either get rid of my tv and use that money and another £40-£50 and get a bigger 1080p monitor
or upgrade my CPU to a q6600 , sell my e5300 and use that money and again, £40-£50 and get a q6600, slacr. bearing in mind my tv is on the brink, kind off , and i got the e5300 for free. And i would like to game in 1080p and watch full hd movies but only if its worth it over a new quad core.

what would i be better off purchasing, even though upcoming games and current games may be quad core recommended , GTA 4, BF3 etc.
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  1. Go for the monitor as your CPU should do the as many FPS as your graphics card as it is.
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