WIN-7 Hardware not recognised in WIN-XP mode

HI: I am running XP-MODE and it won't recognize My Happuage TV capture card!! It runs OK in WIN-7 Mode but when I switch to XP Mode The drivers won't load. When I try to load the Drivers it says compatible hardware missing!!! While I'm in XP Mode how do I get it to recognize the Hardware so I can load the drivers. I want to use the Video board for Capture in a Pinnacle Studio 14 software suite. Pinnacle Studio won't load in WIN-7 but loads up OK in XP Mode. So I can Capture, Edit & Burn my captured video to DVD's using the Pinnacle Studio 14 Software.

Any Help would be very much appreciated.

Dan Mericle Sr

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  1. Dan,

    The only way you're going to be able to run that Hauppauge tuner in Windows XP is to install Windows XP on your machine. Windows XP Mode is NOT for getting hardware to work where the manufacturer has not provided updated drivers (Hauppauge does have working Windows 7 drivers by the way - I am using their HVR-1800 tuner in Windows 7 right now). Windows XP Mode is a solution meant for software ONLY.

    If one was able to have physical hardware interface directly with a virtualized environment, it would result in serious security issues. Think of it this way: If my tv tuner can talk directly to the virtual machine, a trojan or other infected file can go the other way (i.e. spread to the host operating system). The whole point of a virtual machine is that it is a sand-boxed environment.

    Go to the Hauppauge website and download the latest drivers for your tuner. If you're on an older model that does not have a Windows 7 driver, try any available Vista drivers. If those don't exist, either do without the tuner, or buy a new one for ~ $100.

    Edit: Oh and don't post your email address and phone number. You head into identity theft territory when you do that.

    Edit 2: Depending on the version of Pinnacle Studio you're using, you may need to upgrade. I have seen several other threads about PS not working under 7. The most recent version (if memory serves) does work properly though.
  2. Hi: Thanks for your quick reply my Happauge tuner works fine in WIN-7. The problem I have is My VIDEO software wont run in WIN-7. It only runs under XP-MODE and i need to run in XP-Mode to Capture my video's in the correct format in order to be able to edit them. I capture Church service's, wedding's ETC. And edit them for broadcast on our local Public access Channel. So I need to use WIN-XP for my editing

    Dan Mericle Sr.
  3. What video software are you referring to? Have you checked the vendor's website for a newer version that may be compatible with 7?
  4. Yes I Have the Latest software but I keep getting a run around from there Tech support They don't seem to know how to fix my problem and give me the brush off. When I load the Downloaded version into WIN-7 it starts to load correctly then it says that I chose to terminate and exits the install process. Their TECH support says to try to Install under Safe Mode. But when I go into Safe Mode it says Windows Install is not available under Safe Mode. Then they told me to activate Windows Install in Safe Mode I did that but when you do that Windows has to reboot to activate but it deacivates the Windows Install during reboot. They do not seem to understand Win-7.. I remember when I tried to Install in Win XP under Safe Mode it would take care of Install problems. But Micro$oft removed that option from WIN-7.

    Do you have any Ideas Please.

    Dan Mericle Sr
  5. Well, there is still hope for getting it to install under 7. You have a couple of options to try. First, you can attempt to run the installer in compatibility mode (note that this is NOT the same as Windows XP Mode. Compatibility Mode and Windows XP Mode are similarly named, but are actually 2 completely different features) Compatibility mode effectively changes the version number that Windows reports to the installer of the application.

    It does this because many application installers were written to do a version number check of Windows before running (ironically, because at the time they - the software vendor - didn't want to support older versions of Windows). Those version number checks are still written into application installers, but now, they check for specific version numbers (5.0 - Windows 2000, 5.1 - Windows XP, 6.0 - Windows Vista) and refuse to install when a version number is reported that doesn't match the allowed list. Either that, or they just crash.

    Your second option is to set the DEP attribute on the program installer. DEP is a feature that prevents an application or service from executing code from a non-executable memory region. This was done to prevent a class of security vulnerabilities called buffer overflows from occurring.

    To set the DEP attribute (to exclude it as a DEP enforced file), go to the Windows Control Panel and open System. Click Advanced System Settings, then click the Settings button under Performance. Select the Data Execution Prevention tab, and click the radio button called "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:", if it is not already marked. Then click Add, and select the .exe file for the video software's installer.

    If the installer still crashes, go back to the software vendor and tell them you want an ETA for a Windows 7 compatible version (disregard the crap they spew about having to install in Safe Mode. That was never going to work). It might help to say (even if you don't mean it) that you will move to a different program if they can't at least give you a timeframe.
  6. Thanks again I will try the Suggestions you gave me. I was just over on the Pinnacle Forum sight and others are haveing a simaler problem with the downloaded upgrade version. So I willcontinue Reading their solutions and post back here if they come up with an answer. If the things you asked me to try work I will post the solution there.

    Thanks again

    Dan Mericle Sr
  7. If your card is installed correctly you can use other programs to watch tv, not just original software. Try vlc or free version of Prog Dvb Pro eventually few more if those wont work with you card (usually problems like not able find programs during scan etc with some cards).

    Reason that tunner is not working under xpmode is because even that XP mode is HW supported by CPU it still emulate hw instead of real HW sharing (hope we could get to it one day) and this giving just some functions to XP mode (hw graphic and video functions not one of them)
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