Agp will not fit my gateway

My matrox marvel g450 agp card (2001) will not fit my gateway (2005) agp slot. the card is about 1/8" too long for the slot. anyone else have this issue? it would fit if i removed some of the bracket but i really don't want to do this. is this a compatability issue or just a gateway screw up? the agp slot is set 1 3/4" from the bracket opening.
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  1. a pic would be nice...
  2. I've read from another thread that gateway uses a low profile agp. Is this my problem? Another 1/8" or so and it would fit! Don't want to send it back but it looks that way unless I start to Frankenstein the bracket. If it does require a low profile I'll agree with the other thread in saying that Gateway does indeed sucketh.
  3. low profile means that the card and the back bracket are like half the normal width. If it's just 1/8'' it sounds more like some sort of missalignment of the mobo in the case or some other small variation. Or you are just doing it wrong :P

    thats a low profile pcie card, notice the shorter bracket as well on the side
  4. Thanks for replying. So no, it's not low profile, it would be standard. It just doesn't seem to fit. I couldn't move the board that would throw everything else off it seems. The card is resting right on the bracket, there's no more room to go. I measured with a tape measure this time and to fit comfortably in the slot it would require at least 3/8" more room to fit properly.
  5. Hi,

    So I got it in very tight fit, bowed out the back a little. Will require a screw to keep it in.

    Thanks Kari!
  6. You're talking about the length of the card, not the AGP slot. The card and cases/motherboard layouts do not always fit. You want a screw in the card anyway to hold in the bracket. ALL AGP/PCI/PCIe slots and cards are an exact match for their standards, that does not mean that the board sizes are made to fit in all cases.
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