New build: hard drive not detected

hi guy i recently just built a desktop: using best answer. After setting everything up the hard drive is not getting recognized by the bios. People keep saying the jumper the jumper but i don't think this hard dive have a jumper...

also the power light doesnt shine....
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  1. Dang K114 selected the wrong hard drive he should have selected a SATA II :P Anyway, beyond that how do you have your hard drive installed? SATA connection as well as the SATA power cord? or did you use a SATA to 4 pin molex power adapter? Sounds like you don't have the cables to your hard drive connected to the power and motherboard. With the power light not lit I'm leaning toward the power.
  2. yes i have the long one and the short one in :( why sata II does this mean im screwed? i tried changing the sata and it still doesnt detect it. however it detects the dvd player.
  3. Nah, not screwed just paid more for it. Sounds like it's DOA if other items are working on the power cable and if the sata ports are functioning for other items.
  4. can i try a different hard drive to see if it works or will it fry it? mind you this is a new computer with no os on it yet.

    now how do i go about getting a new hard drive? why is it DOA? does this mean they're selling refurbish stuff to me?
  5. I take back what I said, he did pick the cheapest one. Surprised a 6Gb/s was only 40. Perhaps that is why :(
  6. You can try a different Hard drive or you can put that hard drive into another computer to see if another computer recognizes it...if another computer can see it you probably need to update you bios.
  7. If you ordered that HDD from newegg, just fill out the RMA and send it back. they have a 30 day return policy and they'll just send you a new one...I believe you still have to pay for the shipping both ways.
  8. i put it in my old computer and it was not detected. i guess it is dead. can i put my old har drive (with stuff on it) in my new computer and see if it works? is this safe to do or will files be lost?

    edit: great, thanks guys for not helping... i did it anyways and xp loaded. so the hard drive is dead and i can ship it back. -Thank you self for taking a risk without knowing.-
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