Crysis 2 PC Demo = GPU Problems

So I tried the Crysis 2 PC demo and it ran fine on "advanced" for a good amount of time. But soon I started getting a random screen freeze, then the screen would go black, and say "no signal", and 5 seconds later the gmae would come back up and continue playing normally, and this happened randomly every so often. My GPU is a 4870 5112MB, and it seems that if I windowed out when one of these black screen things occurred, VPU Recover had come up. Now I ran my hardware monitor while playing this game, and the max temp my gpu reached was 71C. That shouldn't be anywhere near overheating for a 4870. The only other time I see vpu recover is playing BC2, when it loads the first map, but then it never happens again. Any ideas?

Rest of my specs:

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  1. Maybe your monitor cable is malfuncting?
    I had the same problem about 2 months ago. I just re-plugged the monitor cable.
  2. RobisssLV said:
    Maybe your monitor cable is malfuncting?
    I had the same problem about 2 months ago. I just re-plugged the monitor cable.

    I'll give it a try.
  3. I have the same problem, freezes and tells me a problem with the driver, I alt+tab and go back playing the game freezes for 1 minute. I can tell you its not the monitor cable, the monitor. This graphic card is good but for some games like Alien vs Predators didn't work properly until they patched the drivers for 4870 recently.

    I had a question to ask not related to this and saw this thread...happened to have the same card as mine. I'm guessing the real problem is with the drivers and\or 512mb. I'm buying 6900x+ soon just because dx11 and more performance, only for Crysis 2 XD

    Oh and my specs are

    Phenom x4 9950 BE @ 2.6ghz
    800w ocz
    4gb ddr2 800 ocz ram
    samsung p2570
    m3a79-t deluxe mobo
    ..blah blah blah
  4. So my hardware isn't failing or anything? I had no problems running Crysis 1, and I really would love to not upgrade just for this game, seeing as when it doesn't freeze it runs great (45 fps on advanced settings, 35ish on hardcore). Hopefully they patch it up soon.
  5. Just a demo...full version should be all good. I guess we need to report this for them to actually patch it, where do we report it?

    also if you have troubles joining in a game like waiting ages then your in a server with 0 ping. Find a server with ping, 100 is the lowest I see but those with ping are active servers.

    I play it on hardcore settings, froze more on gamer settings then hardcore isn't that strange? Happens once when I run the game.
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