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The church where I work is currently looking to implement low-cost digital signage, and may be looking at dramatically increasing our wifi coverage across the campus. My thought was to somehow deliver the video content for the signage over the wireless network. Primarily, we'll be delivering an announcements loop from either MediaShout or Powerpoint on a dedicated computer, although I'd like to be able to deliver audio as well so that we can, in the future, use this network to deliver content to an overflow room from our main sanctuary. Even though the network will be low traffic, my thought process is to have two independent network - one public, unencrypted network for church members and guests to use and one private, hidden network to carry the video (as well as to be used for troubleshooting and maintenance as needed).

My only problem at the moment is finding the hardware to deliver the video content over the network. I'm not really keen on a full-blown digital signage package, since we won't be needing content creation/management software or the ability to deliver to multiple zones. Anyone know of a good product that can transmit video (not picky about resolution, but obviously the higher the better) over a wireless network?
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  1. will the main computer that has the data be hardwired or will it be on a wireless adapter? i am currently at war with my computer to try and get it to stream blueray video and its no easy task with a wireless database. i would say to plan on hard wiring the network computer.

    Are you looking for staff to be able to get on this network and show video or an all accessible system?
  2. You can use something like this

    It has a usb stick you can buy for connecting it to the web.
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