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So I recently built a gaming computer with 2 GTX 460 running in SLI, but for some reason I haven't been able to get SLI to work in any of the games I've tested so far.(Crysis, Oblivion, Two Worlds II, Half Life 2 with Cinematic mod, Borderlands).

I have the SLI bridge enabled and the HDMI is coming from the top card. I have enabled SLI in the Nvidia control panel. I have installed the latest drivers(266.58). Is there something I'm missing?

The problem I've been having is that the first GPU usage seems to be anywhwere from 70% - 99% under load where as the second GPU stays in the 0% - 25% range under load. The only game it's different in is Oblivion, in which case GPU 2 goes crazy and winds up overheating after about 10 minutes while GPU 1 remains at 58-65C.

Also, if I force alternate frame rendering 1 or 2 the weird temperature spike that happens in Oblivion happens in all games and card 2 ends up overheating within a few minutes.

Any advice on how I should go about solving this problem.
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  1. You'll most likely need to set up a profile for each game, individually, that enables SLI. You'll also need to make sure your drivers are recognizing the potential SLI configuration.
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