Gtx 460, display 3 monitors without SLI but 2 cards?

Hi Guys,

So the Gtx 460 unlike it's ATI brethren appears unable to display on 3 monitors at once despite it having 3 ports. I figured you could at least clone 2 of the monitors and have the other be an extention but alas that too does not seem to be possible.

My current setup that I want is 2 monitors in my office with a Tv connected in the living room. The basic premise being I can work in the office while someone can still watch movies on the tv from the computer. I don't really care if I have to clone one of the monitors with the Tv or not.

Is it possible to buy a cheapo nvidia card to use specifically for one of the monitors or the Tv while using my Gtx 460 at the same time, or do I actually have to get two gtx 460's and sli them?

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  1. Or for that fact, would it be possible to get an HDMI Y cord and just use that?
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