Need help with some upgrades

so ive been out of the hardware scene for awhile now but im starting to notice a tinny bit of slowdown on some games. (I like to play everything as smooth as possible on the highest possible settings)

anyway i was thinking about upgrading my computer over the course of the next 3 weeks. maybe spending about 400 dollars a week on hardware

what I own now is as follows

ati HD 5850
intel i-5 750
asrock p55 extreme mobo
4 gigs ddr3 ram
2tb barracuda hd

those are the bassics.

so yeah a little help would be appreciated in telling me what i should upgrade first and what exactly to get. personally i was thinking ram and a new case first since i think thats my biggest bottleneck right now and my case is pretty loud.

links to newegg would be appreciated.

ram first please
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  1. IMHO, add 4GB of memory to match what you currently have, add a second HD 5850, and overclock the CPU. A CPU cooler and a few silent case fans and your upgrades are still under $300.

    Who makes your current memory and GPU? Be specific on the memory down to the speed and latency if you can...

    CPU Cooler =>
  2. oh man... I honestly cant even remember the speed and latency of the ram, I was kinda just wanting to chuck what i have or keep it as back up and get a whole new set of 8 or 12 gigs. as far as the GPU its straight from ATI. when i bought it from newegg it came with a copy of windows so i jumped on it.

    I dont like to overclock by the way. I was kind of wondering if there was a new intel or amd cpu that I could replace mine with.
  3. Ok. So the obvious upgrade (to me) is the second matching HD 5850 to run dual GPUs in XFire.

    If you can download CPUZ, open it, then tab over to Memory.. the specs should be listed there. Adding 4GB to match @ $40 - $50 is better than 8GB @ $80 - $100.

    You CAN go with a new CPU + MB, but your I5-750 is still pretty respectable. You could benefit from a mild overclock, but if you aren't interested in that stick with what you have at the stock speeds. The second HD 5850 will be your biggest upgrade..
  4. remember moneys not to much of an issue. theres not a single GPU out there that would outperform two 5850's?
  5. If money isn't much of an issue maybe you should just build a new pc ;)
  6. What case and psu are you using now?
  7. just some cheap lian-li case.
  8. if money wasnt a issue i go with two hd6950 and a haf 942 or HAF X and 8GB of ram
  9. can I use any type of ddr3 ram? also, which would be the fastest type of ddr3 ram. my motherbord supports 4 dimm slots. keep in mind i dont plan on using my old ram
  10. I'd suggest some ddr3 1600 by G Skill
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