Should I Put a mATX motherboard in a Mid-size Case To Save Money?

I was debating if I should ask here or the new build section...

My case is the Cooler Master 430 and said in the title it is mid-size.

I was wondering if I should get a micro-motherboard to save money. I can't spend more then $120 and the least the better. I want to get an i5-3450, so either H77 or Z77. I'm planning on only running one graphics card under $200. I don't plan to ever crossfire/sli. So if I only plan to have one card should I just get a mATX since I don't need that many PCI slots? Is mATX hotter then ATX? Oh yeah and I'm going to game on this mostly. Lastly, I want PCI Express 3.0, but all H77/Z77 have it so that is kind of redundant right?

I'm only buying from Canada Computers.

I think the paragraph is a little messy so:
Should I get mATX to save money
$120> for it
Want to get i5-3450
Going to only run one $200> graphics card and no cf/sli ever
Does mATX run hotter then ATX?
Primarily going to be used for games and regular use.

Thanks. :hello:
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  1. I know I'm not supposed to bump, but how else would someone answer this if its pages behind?

    Its not a very hard question either...
  2. If you are happy with the features on the mATX board then there is no good reason not to.... However don't compromise on features you would like to have simply to save money on the board.
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    I know I did on a Asus Amd earlier, I do not regret saving the difference in price.
    It worked just as well.
  4. Thanks I'll make sure that everything I want is there before purchasing. I really only need a CPU socket, memory slots and one PCI express 3.0 x16. lol.
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