Upgraded my computer but can't install Windows 7

I upgraded my computer to

Asus P8P67-M
G.Skill RipJaws X 1600 mhz 4GB (2x2

Now I'm trying to boot from CD, which is a success ... but I can't install Windows :??:
Right after loading files, and about 5 mins after Starting Windows, setup goes to a black screen and stays there doing nothing.

Once it went to the black screen with a cursor if that helps -.-'
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  1. When you installed the new motherboard, did you do a clean wipe of the drive?
  2. I thought I would be able to from the Windows 7 setup, format and clean install onto the drive
  3. I would think so. Is the DVD scratched or anything? Have you tried installing another os, such as ubuntu?
  4. I have tried 3 different Windows discs (Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium) but same result
  5. I just tried Windows Repair ... this hangs at the same black screen after Starting Windows right after the "Windows Is Loading Files" screen
  6. Do you have another computer handy that you can plug your HDD into? If so, do that and wipe it clean, then try again. What are the rest of your components?
  7. The rest of my components as in the stuff I took out? It's all here ... But say if I wipe it clean and again with the new components it does this .... :/
  8. Should I just try and install ubuntu and then if that successfully installs, then install windows 7?
  9. I meant what makes up the rest of your build. Installed parts...
  10. Oh okay

    Asus P8P67-M
    G.Skill RipJaw X 4GB (2x2)
    Ultra LSP 650W
    Western Digital - 320 GB HDD
    Western Digital - 80 GB HDD
  11. Which drive are you trying to install windows on? Is your other drive backed up so you could try an install on that one?
  12. The 80GB isn't backed up, I'm trying to install onto the 320GB one which is backed up.

    The problem regardless of which hard drive is the installation hangs and safe mode hangs at CLASSPNP.SYS
  13. Hmmm...this is beyond me. You might have better luck if you post in the Windows 7 General Discussion.
  14. Formatted hdd in old MB, now attempting to install on new MB but it hangs at Starting Windows
  15. Unplugged every useless component for the install, it worked and voila I have everything good to go, thank you !
  16. Congrats! Glad u got it figured out
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