What is the best looking and most practical full tower case?

I already have a gaming PC which as a very simple mid tower case. I'm planning on buying a new full tower case so I it allows me for further expansions like SLI graphics and so on. I really need the case to be very good looking and also very practical (ie. liquid cooling support, lots of cooling fans).
I'm thinking of the NZXT Phantom Black tower case - which looks awsome. Or In Win Dragon Rider - which is fairly good looking but great price for the practical value!!!

I haven't seen all the cases in the world so I would like to know what other people think that's both good looking and practical. Thanks!!!

Also, are there any tower cases that is simillar to the alienware desktop?
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  1. I would think it is a personal choice since what someone thinks would be the best would not necessarily be what you would like.
  2. that is true. but I haven't seen all the cases available. So I would like to know what other people has seen. Maybe I might find something that I like.
  3. personally i agree with enigma but a good full tower case is the cooler master HAF-X or like my case a cooler master HAF 932 Advance as the 932 includes three giant 230mm fans (1 front, 1 side, and 1 top) and additional 140mm rear. if you remove the top 230mm fan you can mount a triple 120mm rad to the top if water cooling is your thing. but it does really come done to your own opinion IMO

    HAF 932
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    I'm rocking a HAF-X atm, it's a wicked case with heaps of space for watercooling, I'm air cooling my rig and I've got 10 fans in it +ram cooler psu/gpu fans all easily fit in. So much airflow its amazing.
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