H61icafe Everything is messing up

So I recently decided to build a budget gaming build and am used my high school graduation money from my parents to buy all the parts. When they got here I put it all together but it wouldn't post but gave me a 2 beep code instead. All the fans and lights worked. I looked online and found that 2 beeps means ram error so I put the ram in all the different combinations nothing would work. I looked at the compatibility list for the motherboard and found that the ram I had was incompatible so I RMA'd it. I got the new compatible ram (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820211457)in the mail but had the same error code. I noticed that I got the code whether or not there was any ram in the slots at all.

I checked the cpu by putting my finger on it. It got very warm.
Worst of all when I was checking the new ram in all the slots something else went wrong. The whenever I had the system connected to power the fans and lights go on and off in aprox. 1 sec intervals. I thought it was the PSU but I looked and saw that the CPU fan wasn't running now. After securing the CPU fan to make sure it was connected the PSU isn't doing anything now. Can't even turn on the fans or lights.

I really really need help. Everything seems to be going wrong. I cried a bit too.
Here is the build
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  1. I fixed the apparent problem with the PSU. I had some wires in the wrong places.

    [Edit] The main thing I want help finding out is what parts I should RMA. I need help fast because I don't want the warranties to expire.
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