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I just bought a new motherboard and am having some trouble hooking up the front panel connector. I understand what parts have to be connected where, but the problem I'm having is that all of my front panel wires are grouped together in a single connector and the pins don't match up with the new motherboard. The layout of the motherboard is this:

.. .....

The top left two are unlabeled, the next three after the gap are for the power LED, and the last two are power on/off.
On the bottom row,from the left are three for the speaker, two for the HDD LED, and two for the reset.
What I have on my front panel connector is this:


I'm going off of my old motherboard's labels, and they aren't too clear. Directly under this connector it has
written. I assume that means the top row of pins is the LED and power, and the bottom is the HDD LED and reset, but that doesn't match up with the number of pins on the new motherboard. That aside, how would I go about connecting the front panel connector to the new motherboard? Would I need to break it open and split the wires like that? Or could I buy some kind of converter or splitter for that? I would be extremely grateful if someone could help me figure this out. Let me know if I can give any more info. Oh, and my old motherboard is an IPIBL-LB and the new one is a Biostar H61MGC.
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  1. Is the case, say a Dell, or Gateway, or some other box built? They have that problem.
  2. It's an HP a6000. So is there a way to make it work, or should I start looking for a new case?
  3. I once had a HP Pavilion, and I did transfer it into another case. So the front panel connectors were "loose."

    I think your up a creek....
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