Mobo might be dead HELP!!!

So i started up my new system and it had the mono in. Connected to the mono was an i5-2500k, a cpu cooler, and 8 gb of ram. The power supply still works, but the mobo is almost certainly dead. What about my ram and i5-2500k? DO i have to replace them too. When it turned on the fans started for a second, and i smelled some smoke but didn't see where it came from (only a little bit)

If someone from here can please help me I would be sooooo grateful.

Thanks, Jmin01
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  1. Your best bet would be to try the CPU and RAM in a friend's motherboard if possible. Or if your dealing with a brick and mortar shop, see if they'll be nice enough to test the components for you. Try and find out before you replace the motherboard (either buying new or sending an RMA) so you can get the parts all together.

    Good Luck!

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