Radeon HD 3850 vs Geforce FX5950

both agp, trying to keep this old horse alive, the gf plays wow on it and what not, sometimes LFD2. at the moment my Radeon HD 3850 agp seems to be on its last leg, trying to find a decent enough replacement, how do would a Geforce Fx5950 compete? are they even in the same ball park? any suggestions would be hot, just trying to find out if that card is a down or an up because i found one cheap near by.

many thanks
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  1. Dude that 3850 is a Lot more faster than that 5950. Plus it has modern driver support meaning it can be used with win7 and will run most games made in the last few years.
  2. Why would you say the 3850 is on its last leg. Unless it has leaking caps or a faulty fan you should still be fine with it unless ram chips or the gpu have gone bad or something. Leaky caps can be repaired, and the cooler can be replaced for that matter.
  3. A FX5950 would be a huge downgrade. The 5950 only has SM 2.0 for one, and it's less than a quarter as fast. There isn't anything faster for AGP. Well, there is the 4670 AGP, but even that isn't always faster than a 3850 and the difference is very very small. You've hit the roof for AGP, period.
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