I am really sick of this sh!t !

Since 11.1 I have this problem and its been almost 3months and its not fixed yet. I dont even know if ATI acknowledge the problem. I cant for the sake of me figure out how to post a problem to their support, the site just doesnt have that option.

Can anyone give me link to where I can post the problem to ATI, or at least get answer if they know about the problem and are working on it.

So far what I know is that It usually trigers when I watch Flash videos on internet , usually on fullscreen. Sometime it triggers when my pc gets to sleep and then wakes up.
Some time ago I think I read somewhere that its linked to Avivo but I couldnt figure it out in my case.

I am urging everyone with the same problem to acknoledge the problem here. Lets see how many people are affected and raise voice. May be we can make some thing happen

Thanks in advance
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  1. It's a common problem(for most users) with 11.1 and 11.2.
    I had to roll back to 10.10 due to this problem.The best thing is to install an older driver until AMD fixes this issue
  2. it says only feedback, and support will not be responded :(. Anyway I posted it
    really hoping on the 11.3 drivers but I have a feeling it will be in vain
  3. I also hope AMD fixes this issue.I'm still stuck with 10.10 and upgrade to anything higher.
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