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Hey everyone, I am seriously considering building a desktop, and this is the first time that I have ever attempted to “build” a computer on my own. Therefore, I would appreciate some advice. I have some pc parts already, and I am planning on using what I have and just purchasing everything else that I need.

First, some background info:

Purchase date: ASAP

Budget Range: $300-500—I would like to spend as little as possible without compromising too much quality.

System Usage: Gaming, School, Movies, etc.

Parts “Not” Required: Monitor (I have a 28 inch HDTV/monitor that I plan to use), keyboard, mouse, GPU (I have an 8800 GTX that is a bit dated, but I am going to use it for now and update it later), speakers, sound card (I have a creative sound blaster card), and OS.

What I need: Everything else

Preferred Websites for Parts: Newegg and amazon.com

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences: I think I would like to have an Intel processor, as I am less familiar with AMD. But, I am flexible here.

Overclocking: Not likely

SLI or Crossfire: No

Additional Comments: I want to be able to run most games at high settings (medium at the lowest), but I am not trying to build an 'elite' desktop.

If there is any other information that is needed, I will be more than happy to provide it. So, if anyone wants to take a shot at putting together some links to the parts, I would much appreciate it.

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  1. Siggy 450$ build, drop the motherboard to this.
    Which would save you $20 and that would leave you with 70$, that 70$+Current GPU budget of $70 brings you to $140 allowing you to afford the 5850 on my page.
    Get it from Amazon, it ships later, but you save 10$.
  2. CPU/RAM/Mobo/case/HDD: Core i3-2100/H67/4GB/1TB SuperCombo $350

    Power supply: Corsair 500W $60 $10MIR

    total = $410 (400 after MIR).

    That's everything you need and antivirus software thrown in.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I really like what you posted crewton, primarily because it is in a combo package. I'm trying to think if there is anything else that I would need, and I can't really think of anything. I am possibly going to post your links around to see what others think about them. Thanks, and if anyone else has any other suggestions, please feel free to chime in!
  4. NP, I was looking at newegg and since you don't want a gpu they come with some nice starter sets and that one has all quality products and didn't try to short change you with a crappy psu. Although they did throw in antivirus software which I suppose it nice but you can just get it free online :P
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