Red light flickering when computer is not on

Hello, i recently turned on my old desktop Computer but before i turned it on i had to switch the power supply button. Immediately when I did that the little led light continuously flickers red but is not turned on. It makes like a high pitch squeak noise.

I would give you detailed specs but Since it does not even turn on this is all I know:

Pentium 4
1.3 Gb Ram
mother board says QDI on it?

I also switch the CMOS battery because I was searching up the problem online, but it did not help.

I just want to mainly use it to fool around so hopefully you will be able to help me fix the problem
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  1. If the PC is in Sleep, typically Hybrid Sleep, the power button light will flash on and off.
  2. sry i edited the initial post for more detail because i was on my ipod writiing it, and the front light does not flicker, it has been unplugged for around 3-4 months
  3. The first thing to 'try' is to Clear CMOS, typically the 'Jumper' method is best. First unplug the PSU (computer) from the wall for at least 5 minutes. Then do one of the following after watching the video -

    Otherwise if the PC fails to post and boot then chances are if it's an older PC the PSU probably needs to be replaced; no guarantees. It sure could be one of several things, but that requires you to swap out components for known good ones. *IF the PSU is bad then this can damage those 'good' components.*

    You can try to breadboard my removing the MOBO from the PC and stripping it down to bare minimum components.

    For now lets hope the correct clear CMOS procedure works!
  4. I just tried switching some pins around and it still did not work.... I took a video of the problem and the beeping can be kinda heard in the background

    My computer is now exhibiting signs of artificial intelligence
    Please Help
  5. More than likely like I mentioned, a bad PSU. Corsair has nice builder grade PSU's that are cheap.
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