Cpu red light is on on a asus maximus IV extreme

Hello, i jsut built a new system with a ASUS MAXIMUS IV EXTREME , crosar 1200w psu, silver arrow heatshink, i7-2600k, 8g vengeance ram, and 2x gtx260, when i start my comp their is a red led that is on and its cpu and also my monitor doesnt turn and an same with my graphics cards. also is there suppoese to have 2 sperate power cables going into the graphic cars or not? and i dont know if i did something worng b/c its my 1st time building a system.
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  1. yep 2 pin six pin coonectors goes into the graphics cards
  2. ok and btw theire is no beep at all when start up
  3. do u have the 8 pin connector plug in on the mainboard
  4. does the case has a intenal speaker
  5. their is no 8 pin connector on the MoBo only 24 and 5 and x2 4pins
  6. even with 2 six pins on the graphic cards their is no power to them and the cpu light is still on
  7. is it the one to right of the memory modules
  8. the 24 pin one the yes
  9. i mean the red LED
  10. its a cpu red led that lights up and its under the 24 pin connector
  11. the manual said that the hd led
  12. that because the cpu isnt getting power u need to plug in the 8 pin cable to the 8 pin coonector on the top of the motherboard
  13. the top left?
  14. yep
  15. grrr dam cosar didnt give me a 8 pin connector or a 4 pin...
  16. is that the ax or hx
  17. ax 1200
  18. u sure u dont have a 8 pin cable
  19. WOOT its on now i have a A2 code and it cant find my hard drive
  20. is ure hard drive sata or ide what ure model
  21. its a sata WD 16mb cache 500gb
  22. ok do u have the sata cable and power cable hookuped up
  23. yes
  24. is ure graphics card working
  25. im using the haf X case external one in the front
  26. yes
  27. every thing works exept the hard drive and its giving me a A2 debug code
  28. what does it say on ure screen
  29. I had the same problem with my drive, turns out it was a bad SATA cable, so try switching yours out, and then try switching SATA ports to see if thats teh problem.
  30. hard drive not found/ detected and missing drivers
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    i try moving internally and like try a different sata cable
  32. yeah im going to try that tomorrow i g2g to bed have to go to college in the morring night and thanks for the help, if their are more problems ill post them.
    thanks for all the help
  33. ure welcome
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