GTX 460's 1GB in SLI

Okay.... I have two new cards and wanted to sli but the prob is, I am not seeing a difference at all with the performance! First, the bridge I had flickered badly, then I got a new bridge and the flickering is gone, but now I am seeing no difference in the framerate with sli on or off. I have searched far and wide for an explanation. I looked at all the bios updates and none of them offer fixes for SLI. I have the latest beta driver from nVidia( I wiped old driver and installed both drivers fresh). I used the sli line indicator and the horizontal bar always fills the screen indicating that the video subsystem is bottlenecking. I used xtreme tuner and that recognized both cards temp and fan speed. The only thing I have yet to do it check to see if the hardware is messed up. I am about to move the second card into the 1st slot and test, then test the 2nd slot. Just thought I'd post first to see if anyone has any other ideas.

My sys specs
ASUS M3N-HT Deluxe(both PCI-E 2.0x16)
2GB G.Skill 1066 5-5-5-15 DDR2
PhenomX4 9950 @ 2.6
Thermaltake 850W TR2-RX PSU 80+ Bronze sli cert.
Vista 32

note:I am waiting for 2 more GB in mail

Could have gotten something like the 4 or 580, but the look of an SLi'd system is awesome!!!!
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  1. The cpu is the weak link and second be sure to update your games as some had been found to have config files that severally limited performance.
  2. Ive monitored my cpu knowing that it is old and it doesnt get taxed that much in games like crysis...
  3. plus... the sli indicator is saying the graphics are bottlenecking, not the CPU.
  4. Fixed!!! I think the front two PCI-E ports on my PSU weren't powering the card properly. Maybe I didnt put them in all the way....i dunno, but I get nearly double the FPS now! Although, Crysis and Metro use nearly all my RAM but I have two more gigs on the way! ;)
  5. Great to hear! There really isn't anything wrong with an original Phenom. Sure, they aren't as powerful as some of the newer Phenom IIs, but that doesn't make them weak by any means. :)
  6. that cpu will botlekneck u if u wanna do a sli setup with 2 gtxs 460s, unless u got it overclocked to over 3 gigahertz each core, but anyways will work, but u wont hit ur full potentiel until u upgrade ur cpu,ram.mobo
  7. Well, my mobo can support AM3. I was thinking about grabbing a 965 and selling this one. Or OC'ing to 3Ghz as it is a BE. However I am wiery of doing so as t I've never done it before and I don't want to fry. I am upgrading RAM to 4GB. I know that DDR3 is better, but this is really fast DDR2! Anyways.... I am now getting around 40-50fps in crysis w/4xAA @ 1080p so...yeah, I'm happy! I'm hoping to at least play Crysis 2 on high. Maybe then I'll up the CPU!!!
  8. ddr3 isnt proven to be faster, yes.what u have is fine as i said, but wait a bit and get a sandy bridge 2500k or 2600k,. and ya if u arent comfortable overclocking, dont do it, not that its hard, but requires some knowledge and patience,
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