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Hey guys, just finished my lastest gaming pc and im wondering what you guys think about this setup.

Case ~ Corsair obsidian 800D
Fans ~ Added 3 Extra case fans
CPU Cooler ~ Cooler master V8
CPU ~ Intel core i7 2600k Overclocked to 4.2Ghz
Graphics ~ 2x EVGA superclocked gtx 570's in SLI
Mobo ~ MSI p67A-GD65
Ram ~ 16GB Patriot Divsion 2 ddr3 ram
HD ~ Kingston 128GB SSD
HD ~ 2tb Western digital black
PSU ~ 1200Watt Cooler Master silent gold series
CD Drive ~ HP Blue ray drive

Thanks guys.
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  1. Nice build, I'd give it a blue triangle. 1200W is a bit extreme of a future proof no? :P
  2. Well, it's nice. I don't like the 800D because of airflow issues, but it is sleek... You spent alot of money on this rig. What do you intend to do with it? You might have waited to see what bulldozer looks like...
  3. Difficult to say without knowing your budget and intended use of that build.

    I can say this though. That CM V8 is an over priced paper weight and not worth the money it cost for shipping, 850w is the perfect # for dual 570's with room left for o/c, drives, etc... that and nobody on this board would recommend a Cooler Master psu. And unless your doing professional video editing or something of that nature 16GB is total overkill...hopefully that RAM is at least low voltage, and for what that MSI runs you could have had an Asrock extreme4 for $25 - $30 cheaper that will o/c just as high if not higher and has a much better bios set up.

    It's obvious nobody on this board recommended that build.
  4. He did state it was a gaming pc
  5. crewton said:
    He did state it was a gaming pc

    You see that build up top crewton...that's what happens when peeps come here after they purchase and not before.
  6. bitchin
    Maybe he wanted not the minimum for today's applications, but something that'll work well in the future. Tom's says 8gb is a good choice for games now, so you never know.
  7. bad case only for water cooling
    dont need that much ram
    i5 way better deal than i7
    asrock extreme4 better deal and more phases than msi=better oc
    850w psu is perfect 1200w=waste of money
    v8 is crappy go scythe mugen 2
    do u need bluray drive

    all in all a solid c+
  8. Could have saved around $80 - $100 on an i5 2500K vs. the i7 2600K. The i7 is 0.1GHz faster at stock speed and has Hyper Threading. However, no games takes advantage of it. It's great for video encoding and 3D modelling though.

    16GB of RAM is great if you actually have a program that can take advantage of it. 8GB of RAM would have still be more than enough.
  9. Why_Me said:
    You see that build up top crewton...that's what happens when peeps come here after they purchase and not before.

    Oh I read your post wrong. I thought you asked what the purpose of the computer was for. Anywho, it looks like he had a large budge and decided to buy the all of the good stuff he could find and put it together. Other than psu, case, hsf, ram he didn't do such a bad job. Should I change my rating to purple triangle?
  10. I spent just under 3100$ on this setup. and i actually do pretty heavy video editing. And i spent this much just so i wouldnt have to upgrade 2-3 years down the road. im hopeing this lasts a little while.
  11. Anybody?
  12. a 1200w psu is still way overboard to future proof i would ony get a 850 to 100w psu. the case should have been something that has good air flow sinceif you want to upgrade you start at the basics (air cooling). the cpu cooler could have been exchanged with the thermaltake frio cooler master v6gt or the scythe mugen 2. and you should have gotten 2 samsung spinpoint f3's and put them in raid 0 for 120$ i dont know how much that 2tb one cost but with the money you could of saved i would have gotten that.
  13. Eww.... Expensive case (Not to say asthetically it is bad, but it is WAY too pricey for my taste. The HAF X is a better deal).

    Even for video editing 16GB is just overkill and will stay overkill until 32-bit OS's are obsolete which will take a long long time.

    No need for 1200w even on that setup, I'd say 800w would be plenty. The V8 also isn't the best deal anymore, it was when I got it but now the Mugen 2 and Hyper 212+ are value kings and perform just as well.

    Not a terrible SSD company, but compared to SSDs using SF controllers, bleh. Expensive HDD that's not worth the speeds specially when you have an SSD.
  14. So basically you guys are saying my setup is crap :(?
  15. It's good. You just don't need THAT much stuff. If i were to rate it on performance, 9/10 or 10/10, but on how the money was spent. 4-6/10
  16. i hear yah man.
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