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300w UPS enough?

Hi all.

I got a 300w UPS and it seems to run fine on my rig.
Q9550, 8 gigs RAM, AMD 4870, 5 hard drives, 850w PSU, etc.

90% of the time, I'm just reading news, MS Office, etc. and I think I'm still within the PSU limit.

My system can go way above 300w under full CPU/PU load.

So, is this safe enough? I don't expect the small battery to last more than a few mins during a power outage and this is OK for me. But will I do any serious damage if I run my rig with a high load - with and without a power outage?

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    That will work just fine. It's only there so you can safely shut down the system during a power outage. I applaud you for actually using an UPS, most just use a power strip.
  2. Ups = Va not watt
    and PSU = Watt, you can try turn off power AC and how much second your PSU will shutdown ? If more than @minute you have time to shut down with safely.
  3. thanks.
    The UPS is actually clearly labled as 300w and 500VA.
    It seems as simple as just using what battery juice I have.
    Yes, there is plenty of time for me to shut down my rig normally.
    I'll keep using the small UPS that's working well for me :)
  4. It's good and safely 500Va for power consumption you system arround 300W. It will give you time to safe your job.
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