Quick upgrade easy question

Thinking of a quick upgrade just wanting to make sure that this motherboard


Is compatible with this video card?


Planning to get a 32in monitor also.

comments please?
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  1. It is compatible. That video card has a lousy performance/price ratio. For 1920x1080 resolution (the size doesn't matter) you can get a HD 6970 or a GTX 570. Or two video cards in crossfire or SLI.
  2. ^+1. That GPU is not worth its asking price. I don't know what you have now, but it may be worth getting a second one for Crossfire (AMD) / SLI (nVidia) rather than getting a single GPU if it means spending that much.
  3. ^+1

    I 'd get one 6970 first and see if I don't have the performance I desire and then get another one for CF.
  4. I have a 1 GTX 295. My decision wasnt final on that card and probably wouldn't get it for a few months so price might drop. I prefer Nvidia have had nothing but trouble with ATI cards.
  5. Since you prefer nVidia and that board SHOULD have SLI support you're better off going with two 570s, or even two 560Tis, rather than a single 590. Of course two 6970s, or even 6950s if the extra shaders are unlocked, can be a more attractive option. Buying the 590 only makes sense if you are going to buy two of them or if you're board doesn't support SLi and you really want to stick with nVidia. In your case I say just get two 570s instead (or 580s if you can afford it) and be happy.
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