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Hi all

Im kinda in a dilema that may chance the knowledge of RAM I have been using for years. As far as I know two things are certain: 1) more memory is better 2) higher clock rates are better. But since Im making a new build for 3D work/gaming Im finding more and more recomendations to use LESS ram. My plan was until that point to put a Corsair Dominator 1600MHz 32GB kit to improve performance, but why I continue to find that the recommendation is use only 2 slots? Performance wise is better two slots (16GB) overclocked than 32 GB? I do undestand the benefits of having more ram for multiple aplications, but thanking into acount that most of the time I will be using maya/3D max or for gaming which option is better?

Hoping my question is clear enough for you guys, not native speaker

Thanks in advance


Asus p8z77 Deluxe
Nvidia GTX 680
Corsair memory dominator
intel i7 2600k (upgrading to i7 3770k ivy bridge as soon as posible)
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  1. If all you need is those 2 programs, I'd say get 16GB of like 1866/2133+ Ram
  2. But talking abourt performance is there any benefit of using for example 32GB of RAM over 16 GB if the modules are of the same velocity. Or it is just wasted memory?
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