Help for a gaming build..!!!

I am willing to make a gaming pc...
CPU - i3 2100
graphics card - Radeon 5450HD
ram - G Skill Ripjaws 8 GB
Monterboard- ???
Please suggest me a good gaming mobo within 50$. Expecting a reply within short time....
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  1. mobo price range- 50-60 $
  2. The GPU is rubbish. You won't playing anything on that even at 720p. Same with the dual core. You want at least a quad core. I'd change to a 960T and a 7870 with a 970 mobo at least.
  3. OK..!!
    But i must mention that I am on a tighter budget..

    Sorry to say but I decided to spend more and buy a Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 Intel mobo..

    I want to know that is it advisable to save some bucks from a mobo and spend that on a graphics card..??

    Also, do the latest games need Quad qore...coz opting for them is greatly increasing the budget..???
  4. You are on a tight budget and you spent more on Intel? Stick with AMD and get a 7870.
  5. he spent more on intel so he could get proper power consumption and performance from a relevant company. For most any game besides a handful that are very CPU intensive, the processor is an afterthought anyways.

    If you're really tight on budget, you can hit up fleabay and try to grab a 6870/6970 for cheap. The only difference between the 5000 and 6000 series is power consumption. 7000 series is a whole new ball game but still pricey.

    Honestly, it's about expectations. I'm still using a 4870 2gb and it's fine for all but the most modern games at the highest settings. If you don't need much, you simply don't need much.
  6. Relevant company? CPU afterthought? A 960tT is sufficient and a 7870 is a good match. A 4870 is obsolete and slow.
  7. Please suggest me a good CASE in the 25$ - 30$ range..??
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