AM2+ x3 system upgrade for 3d gaming

Hi all! I am recently started down the road to 3d gaming. 3d while still very new and imo very niche based has provided some challenges. As it stands my rig consists of

-x3 clocked at 3.4

-4 gigs of patriot gaming memory

-4870 1gb by saphire

-GA-MA790FX-DS5 (am2+)

-2 old school Raptors in raid 0 home to my OS and games and one WD 1tb drive for mass storage

-Thermaltake 750w psu. I know this psu is junk. Its temperary because my Antec 850 finaly blew. I will be getting a new psu during this upgrade as this psu barely is able to boot the rig heh!

-Titanium HD for sound. Just purchased it the other day. Audiophile edition with amazing sound and crystal dolby digital output. PCI-E as well.

Now I have no problems running my games at 1680x1050 with high detal and no more then 4x aa. Things have changed however and my normal gaming resolution is now 1920x1080 on my plasma as well as my 24 inch lcd. I notices a slight performance hit when I made the move up in resolution. I am at the crossroad here and I am being forced to lower my graphic quality in order to ensure competative gaming can be achieved. My main game titles are Darfall Online, Rift Online, Battle Field Bad Company 2.

So I am realy at odds as to my upgrade path. I am under the impression that I could purchase the new 1100t x6 and basicly just plug it into my current setup. The problem is I cant find any real documentation for support from Gigabyte. The other issue is my current rig is ddr2 verse the am3 motherboards that offer ddr3. I have no idea if the new x6 will function at its advertised clocks in my current setup. Im just that out of the picture.

So far my first upgrade is going to be a 6970. I will make the purchase today. I feel the 6970 will offer me better performance at my resolution and has far better support for current features like dx11 and msaa ect verses my aging 4870.

My second upgrade is going to have to be storage. My raid 0 is fast but its small. I have been running on 67gb of usable storage for a long long time. Its just not enough anymore. My 1tb drive is a good drive but its below the standards of a game/os drive.

The above is about all I could think to throw in. Some things to consider when offering me advice may be:

-xfire support is optional only if the MB will offer me unrestricted performance. I notice alot of budget boards showing poor results vs big brother

-I am partial to Intel suggestions. I am not paying more then 300$ for a cpu however and would much rather stay amd.

-Im not rich. I want to keep this upgrade under 1000$ and that includes my new 6970. I have no problem buying all of this today at J & R electronics in NYC.

-Keep in mind this rig will be doing 3d gaming on a 51 inch plasma at 1920x1080 and I expect it to look good at the same time.
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  1. bulldozer, the new AMD processor line, is set to release in June. I see nothing wrong with upgrading the psu, gpu, and hdd, but Id wait on the mobo and cpu. Its unclear exactly how good bulldozer is going to be, but it is certainly going to be better than the current AMD offerings. for gaming, at the moment, the intel sandy bridge processors are a far better choice.
  2. I unfortunatly have zero knowledge of Intel's offerings atm and even less on MB and ram picks for Intel. Care to elaberate? I am partial to Intel if its going to be that obvious.

    ^thats a worthwhile read. All sandy bridge processorsare very fast, and they are all an excellent value. The most commonly purchased are i3-2100, i5-2400, i5-2500k, and i7-2600k. In most basic terms, i5-2500k and i7-2600k are for overclocking, i3-2100 and i5-2400 are not. A stock i5-2400 is faster than even a highly overclocked phenom ii quad or hexacore. The P67 mobos are for overclocking, the H67 and H61 mobos are not. So, generally, you should pair an i5-2500k with a p67, and an i5-2400 with an H67/H61.
  4. Here is my problem. I have already purchased on a good deal 2 6950-2gb cards. At 100$ each I could not pass it up. The problem is I cant find one single MB that runs true 16x16. Its driving me nutz. I can find dozens of AMD boards that do it. Im rather excited now and looking foward to the switch:)
  5. dont worry about using an x8/x8 p67 board, it will be plenty fast:,2910-16.html,2887-9.html

    But if you dont like the current offerings, wait and see how good bulldozer is.
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