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Hello, I've been looking around to buy a new card, and I am able to buy a HD 4870 x2 for 120, don't know a WHOLE lot about pricing, etc. I currently have a GTX 285, is it worth the upgrade?
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  1. HD4870x2 is a little bit faster than GTX285, but still, it's an old tech, you will better with newer tech like HD69xx series or GTX5xx series...
  2. If you can get some extra cash for the 285 then yes it is an upgrade dont invest more than 20 bucks in this transaction out of pocket.
  3. The hd4870 x2 will be better, but like wa1 said, better get something new. The hd6950 can be unlocked to a hd6970 and is a great value. I would get that. It also has a dual BIOS feature. The hd6950 would be about the same as an hd4870 x2, but it will have DX11, and better features, etc. When you unlock and OC, it will destroy a hd4870 x2, plus you don't need to deal with scaling.
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