New computer troubles-I believe its a bad CPU

I just upgraded my system, getting a secong video card and keeping psu, case and drives. The new components are an asrock 870 extreme3 mobo, a phenomII x4 955 BE cpu, a 6770 videocard, and 2 4gb sticks of ddr3 1066.

With only the cpu, mobo, and psu, it successfully reaches the no-ram beep. However when adding either single stick of ram to any ram slot, i get one of 3 different situations. If i shut off wait and turn back on without changing anything, i might get a different error. Putting in my old 5770 which was confirmed working last night doesnt hurt. The 3 situations are:
1) gets stuck at the stage where it passes bios into ram and runs from ram
2) begins looping rapidly through all error codes on the readout on the mobo
3) reaches code 00 successfully (last code) but never displays video and never beeps afterward.

I believe the memory controler on these is in the cpu, so i assume this is either a bad cpu or 2 sticks of bad ram. Its possible, i guess, that the ram is incompatible, but similar, lower capacity models were confirmed, and 4gb sticks of other brands were confirmed, so i was hoping this would work too. The ram is gskill ripjaws ddr3 1066 2x4gb 7-7-7-18 idr the voltage and the ram isnt in front of me. What do you suggest I do? I am thinking rma the cpu and exchange the ram but i really want 2 4gb sticks and so few are on the supported list im afraid its going to cost me a lot.
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  1. It could also be a faulty motherboard if you got all the components from the same place I suggest you return the CPU board and RAM for them to test.
  2. Quote:
    I believe the memory controler on these is in the cpu,...

    No, the memory controller is in the motherboard's chipset
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