CrossfireX, not sure if it's working...

Hi, I have 2 XFX Radeon HD 5870s in crossfirex, and in catalyst under CrossFireX Diagnostics, its just a blank box, when looking at the Overdrive tab under my 2nd gpu, in Catalyst, the 2nd gpu looks inactive, and in AMD Overdrive it's the same, the memory, memory type, part number, and everything is recognized, but it seems like it's not activated =S
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  1. Have you connected the bridge properly?
    You can try software called GPU-Z:
  2. GPU-Z says its enabled...
    Is crossfire only enabled in games...err...some games? I ran Red Faction: Guerilla, and noticed HUGE performance boosts with crossfire, also I tried testing the crossfire watermark and it showed, also catalyst showed some in the 2nd gpu, though very small, is it possible to use crossfire when watching high def movies? How do you enable crossfire whenever you want?
  3. Not everything supports CF but most games and benchmark apps do. Make sure to download and install CAP (crossfire app profiles) as well as the regular drivers.

    Other than that it's really simple to run 3DMark 11 or Vantage, Unigene Heaven, or even just FurMark with CF on/off to test it.

    Also you could/should download MSI Afterburner. If you ever wonder if CF is working just open that up and look at the "gpu usage" graphs for both your cards. If one stayed at 0... then you're not getting CF.
  4. Bump, because of a similar topic and I didn't want to make a new thread ^^

    I just read about having 2 crossfire bridges, and I had 2 short bridges and 1 long one(which I was using at the time) I forgot why I moved it farther down the board but then after I put the 2 cards closer together so I could use the 2 bridges in, I looked in GPU-Z and it said it was in an 8x slot, and remembered why...FML lol.

    Which is better, having 2 crossfire bridges but the cards at 16x/8x, or having 16x/16x but one bridge?
  5. 2 bridges does not give any improvements over one. Use the x16 slots.
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