Changing mobo and proc with no install disk! Help!

Not sure if this should be in Win 7 category or here, but here goes...

I just purchased a new i5 processor and a z68 mobo BUT i haven't been able to find my Windows 7 disk anywhere - we are post moving house so god knows where it could be!

I haven't even begun the installation process yet- apart from backing up everything of course! i'm nervous! lol.

Is it possible to put in the new mobo and chip without my win 7 disk? I would hate to have to buy another copy but i will if i really have to... By the way my old system is AMD so i'm sure this is not going to be easy!

I've been reading about returning the drivers to stock before putting in the new mobo, so it doesn't freak out and start rocking back and forth in the corner of the room...? How viable is this?

Also about just downloading the relevant drivers before the big change, and letting windows do its thing, then reactivating by phone or online if needed? I dont even have my serial number as special needs here had it on the windows 7 case! /facepalm! i guess i can get that with jelly bean key finder...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I simply cannot believe that you guys have nothing to say on this! lol ;)
  2. Any advice would be good... I'm sat here with screwdriver in hand waiting for a sign from the interwebs!
  3. Are you not able to get a copy from a family member, friend or co-worker? If not then maybe download it and put it on disk..... I'm not sure if that is allowed but as long as your using your original cd key I can't see it being a problem. Failing that try a local pc shop (not a big chain), explain your situation and see if they can loan you the W7 disk?
  4. So you're saying I do need the disk then? Can I not install without it? I will get one from somewhere, but I really really don't want to format my hdd...
  5. A bit of an advanced move , but if you're comfortable I would sysprep the machine, once done shut it down.... then replace with new hardware- turn back on.

    Sysprepping strips all of the unique information off the machine ( not data or software), for an out of box experience.

    The only thing you would need to save is the product key - and you can easily find it with speccy. once you have that jotted down you're good to go with the sysprep.

    the problem you're running into is not the fact that you don't have the install disc ( i'm assuming you're referring to the win 7 disk to reinstal), as much as it's not a good idea to change out major hardware like this, as the drivers will be different and you'll run into all kinds of issues, unless this new board is of simliar architecture, which I highly doubt.

    So, to recap.

    1. Find product key
    2. Sysprep make sure to check the option ( shutdown ) when complete.
    3. Install new hardware BEFORE, and only BEFORE turning the machine on again.
    4. Enter out of box experince
    5. viola new system just about.
  6. Normally your windows install will not survive a transfer to a new mobo, unless both boards are based on similar chipsets. When you boot windows it will load the old amd drivers and probably blue screen. It might work its way through and allow you to install the new intel drivers but I doubt, it.

    The sysprep idea that was suggested might work. In my experience a clean install, or a repair install is the best way to go about this.
  7. Any updates on this?
  8. Well I tried everything that was suggested here- thanks guys, I really appreciate your help!- But after much wailing and gnashing of teeth I relented and purchased, at great expense I may add, a new copy of windows 7. Still, at least I have it now! I then spent a frustrating day of failing. Failing on every count trying to install windows plus drivers plus updates, it was like computing through treacle, interspersed with bsod's and boot hangs (I just made that phrase up- I think it's quite good! ;).. In the end it turned out to be a dying hard drive causing the problems! And now with a fresh shiny new one installed, my system is singing and dancing and making the tea!
    My pc is now a beautiful thing to behold, and feels somewhat akin to the bridge of the starship enterprise.
    Next stop - another hard drive to save my fraps files to and a dogs bollox hsf to overclock the CPU!
    Thanks again, I feel I will be browsing these boards more regularly!
    Pip Holmes
  9. Don't want to pop your bubble here and I won't the experience of moving an O/S from one set of hardware to another is very subjective as to what works and what doesn't

    About 8 weeks ago I moved a copy of Windows 7 X64 Enteprise edition from a quad core amd rig to a new build with an Asrock Extreme gen6 and a 2600K and went from 4G of Kingston HyperX to a 16G Corsair XMS DDR3 1600Mhz and NOT A SINGLE HICCUP.

    It booted the first time...began recognizing all the hardware, rebooted and the O/S began downloading and installing ALL the correct drivers it could find....I had to go and get all the drivers off of Asrocks download page and put them on a flash drive and plugged it in on the second boot and within a half hour...POW...everything was up and running.

    One note here...I did have to reactivate windows via telephone because of so much hardware being seen as new at the abstract hardware layer.

    Microsoft didn't blink...just gave me a new key for the O/S and I was a happy camper.

    Sadly enough this doesn't guarantee yours would've been the same experience but it worked very easily for me!

    Glad you got yours up and running but am sorry you had to purchase a new probably would have been ok!!!

  10. Yeah, trying to put an os on a knackered disk is like pushing water up hill! And yes I still feel that if the disk had been ok i could have done it. No bubble broken, but thank you! ;)
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