Triple monitor setup - What's the best viewing size?

What do you consider to be the optimal size for triple monitors on a desktop?
I was thinking of three U2410s. Or maybe two U2410s and one U3011.

I will be using it primarily for professional work, but maybe some gaming. I am looking at:
A. Dell U2410 (24 inch)
B. U2710 (27 inch)
C. U3011 (30 inch)

What does everyone think? As well, if you think there are monitors that are better than these, please let me know.

As always, I am very appreciative of your assistance.

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  1. Well whatever you get the best advice is to see what Eyeinfinity supports now. Go do your research on wide screen gaming forum as they have a lot of the Eyeinfinity stuff covered.

    I myself like the DEll 3011 with two 20 WFP in portrait but Eyeinfinity does not support this. Do some reading first for sure before you lay down the money.
  2. Thanks. By the way, I will be getting either the GTX 590 or the 6990 when they come out shortly.
  3. Well WSGF have opinions on both Eyeinfinity and Nvidia surround. Choose wisely and get what works now and enjoy.
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    It's strictly a budgetary decision ...... therwise bigger is usually considered better. But ya gotta keep in mind your peripheral vision .... considering how far ya have to sit back to see a 81" wide field of view on the 30"? Can you sit back that for at your workspace ?

    3 x $570
    3 x $1000
    3 x $1400

    However be aware, that while the Dell IPS panels are "the thing" for accurate color production, and an absolute must for photo and video editing, be aware that many people don't like them for gaming. Game developers tend to design their color schemes to fit the largest market segment ad that is TN panels......when viewed side by side, many peeps actually prefer the oversaturated TN panels. Before you invest $4500 on monitors, you should be aware this.

    The other thing as I mentioned in your other thread is .... are you interested in 3D Vision . If ya wanna go for the 3D thing, you'll need 120 Mhz monitors
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  6. JackNaylorPE - thanks for your great response!
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