ATX or mATX Mothorboard for Gaming??

I've been drawing up a new system and I can't decide on where to go when it comes to my motherboard. I know I want a z77 series but not sure if I should get a mATX or the full sized ATX. I will be looking to overclock but only my CPU which is going to be water cooled (Corsair H80/H100). I will only be buying one high end card for the system GTX 670/680 or ATI 7950/7970 and don't have any near future plans of going SLI or Xfire. I will be running 2 SSD and 1 HDD, the first SSD for the OS and the second for games with the standard larger HDD for media.

What do you lot think will best suit my needs??

Oh and budget isn't really an issue XD
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  1. Definitely ATX. No need to go small unless your case is small.

    Go ATX
  2. well i think it mainly depends on if you want a Micro ATX or ATX case. If you go to alot of LANs micro is easier to carry and doesnt way a ton. here are 2 Z77 boards one is MATX and another is ATX. Iam not sure what cases you like or if you have a specific brand in mind but these are the 2 mobos a can recommend to you


  3. Well I had been looking at the NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower so space isn't really going to be an issue (Ive never heard of any LANs near me so it isn't going to be getting moved). But for my needs which will be the better value for money because if I went for say a sniper 3m it's £125 but the full sized sniper 3 is £280, what actual difference aside from size do I get by paying almost double the price??
  4. you realy need to put alot more thought into a micro build, things to consider if you go small is clearance. video cards get in the way of heat sinked ram or after market coolers i would go atx.
  5. ATX - it is a better performance enabled board,

    runs cooler and there is a space for more slots and features.
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