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I have a dell dimension 4550 that is running really slow on counter strike, I also have a pentium 4 processor 400mhz, 384 of RAM ;) , and a geforce 660 256mb graphics card, could anyone help me upgrade my computer so counter strike will run better, on a side note it takes forever to load up, and alt , tab....also have XP and I deleted everything I could off the hard drive
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  1. In your case it would be best to start looking at a new computer. Your system is not compatible with the newest technology and even with upgrades it will still be slow.
  2. +1 unless you can get a good AGP card cheap on Ebay or something its time for a new build, you could keep you DVD drive.
  3. it takes forever to load because you only have 384mb of ram--upgrade that definately--to at least 512mb but 1gb would be the minimum i would go for

    your pentium 4 shouldnt be 400mhz--it should be 2.66ghz so its probably power saving when you are looking at the cpu speed

    your graphics card i imagine will be agp so about the best card would be the 7800GS, or the X850XT PE
  4. I would first upgrade to 1GB RAM. I played it with no probs on a P4 3.0 with 2GB RAM and an X800 XT.
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