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Upgrading RAM - Old Socket 775

Hey folks,

Well, my RAM has seen its last successful boot up and it is time to replace it. I have been doing some shopping around and I think I have settled on the following:

I was wondering if this was a good pick for my older, Wolfdale chipset mobo. I have the Socket775 Maximus Extreme from Asus. The RAM I linked said that it is optimized for P67 and H67 builds. Should I be looking into another set of sticks or is this one a good choice?


I am not looking to upgrade my CPU and mobo right now but I will in the next 12 months. If there is a set that would be more "forward thinking", then feel free to recommend it.
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  1. No, this set looks good. :)
  2. That should work just fine. Your current board's spec sheet says that it takes a maximum of 8 GB of ram so don't buy more than that until you upgrade or just keep that in mind. luckily for you ddr3 is the type of memory that current boards use so you will be able to carry that over to your new build.
  3. It's a good pick, although if you can find cheaper ram that isn't so high-end, it'll work just as well. DDR3 ram for the wolfdale chipsets are very far from being a bottleneck, and DDR4 might be out by next year anyway. (2010 was when samsung created the first DDR4 chips)
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    Hi, it depends on your motherboard. If your motherboard can support 1600mhz then you can get it. But LGA 775 socket cant support 1600mhz memory. Sometime mobo underclock memory frequency and able to run it. What is your mobo?
  5. Well, thanks for making it difficult for choosing a best answer. I will pick the linked RAM and OC my FSB to match the 1600mhz speed. I am very familiar with OCing this system.

    I will look into slightly slower (and cheaper) RAM (1333 or 1066) as well though.
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