Gigabyte nvidia geforce gt240 512 mb gddr5 grahpics card

Hi ha have a Hp pavilion a1312n desktop with a ECS RC410-M rev 1.01 motherboard i got a gigabyte nvidia geforce gt 240 512mb video card to put in it and get away from the on board ati radeon express 200 graphics but when i put the new video card in it detects that its pci express and unshares the ram for the onboard video. the problem im am having it that it loads the post screen gets to where is checks the nvram says nvram..ok! and wont go past that screen. i am stumped on what the problem could be an could really use some help. my system specs are as pentium 4 3.06ghz cpu 1.5 gb ram 250gd hdd. here is a link to the mb i have And here is a link to the video card
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  1. Go into bios by clicking F2 or Delete button. Look somewhere for an option to disable the onboard graphics.
  2. i went into the bios and put it on pci express and it still does the same thing i leave the card in the slot and put it on the onboard vid and hooke the monitor to the onboard and it still hands at hte same spot. this card have me confused. i tryed it in a friends pc and it will load farther than it will in mine but wont load all the way.
  3. do you mean in your friend's rig the card also can't properly boot up?
  4. it will load to the windows loading screen and the display nothing past that but i think thats cause the psu is not big enough it calls for a 450 watt psu and i went and got a 500 watt and his is only a 300watt. Also i got another vid card its a galaxy geforce 210 and it does the same thing as the gigabyte. The galaxy shows vid card info before the post screen but still hangs after the nvram update says ok! Im very confused and only want to get one of these cards to work cause the onboard ati radeon express 200 sux!
  5. so have you try the G210 in your friend PC? the card should be less demanding on PSU compared to GT240. btw the link you give regarding your mainboard lead to hp site and it state they no longer have the support document. do you have HP dekstop? i suspect your mobo may need BIOS update so it can detect much more recent graphic card
  6. no i have not tryed the geforce 210 in my friends pc. i have up dated to the bios to the most recent one from the hp site which is 3.24 i had to update it be able to install windows 7 as the tower came with win xp mce 2005. here is another link which is the exact model
  7. your mobo are using chipsets from ATI. maybe that create conflicts to the driver when you try to install the new card. try removing your ATI graphic driver first and then use driver sweeper to clean left over from the driver. try installing the new card after that
  8. ok i will give that a try and let you know what happens
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